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About the Climate Activists Network

TThe African Climate Activists Network (ACAN) is a dynamic initiative of the AHRN Foundation, aiming to unite and empower young activists working to combat climate change and preserve the environment across various African countries. By joining forces, we form a diverse and passionate community, working together to tackle the continent's pressing climate challenges.

Our mission is to mobilize African youth, raise awareness at the local level, influence environmental policies, and support concrete environmental preservation projects. Through awareness-raising programs, educational initiatives, and sustained regional collaboration, RAAC aspires to inspire concrete action for a greener, more resilient future in Africa and beyond.

The ACA Network embodies the collective strength of African youth committed to defending our planet. Together, these local organizations are shaping a sustainable future for the continent and beyond. Join us in this crucial adventure for a greener, more resilient world.

Our Partners

The ACA Network relies on local, public, national and international partners for the success of our activities and the achievement of our objectives