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A Step Towards Global Action: RAAC Represented at COP28 in Dubai

The African Climate Activists Network achieves a significant milestone in its commitment to combat climate change by sending a dynamic delegate to the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28), currently underway in Dubai. This participation marks a crucial opportunity for RAAC to amplify the voice of African youth and contribute to global discussions on climate action.

The ACA Network delegate, carrying the passion and concerns of African youth, joins delegates from around the world at COP28 to exchange ideas, share perspectives, and advocate for ambitious climate measures. This representation underscores RAAC's commitment to playing an active role in shaping international policies aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change and promoting sustainability.

The ACA Network delegate is actively participating in roundtable discussions, workshops, and negotiation sessions, highlighting the unique challenges faced by Africa and emphasizing the crucial importance of youth involvement in climate decision-making. As a representative of the collective voice of the network, they are committed to advocating for ambitious policies, sharing successful local initiatives, and promoting climate action that is inclusive, equitable, and comprehensive.

This significant event underscores RAAC's growing impact on the global stage in the fight against climate change. By actively participating in COP28, the network reinforces its dedication to the necessary global cooperation to address current and future climate challenges. The ACA Network remains steadfast in making the vibrant voice of African youth heard and working collaboratively with other nations to shape a more sustainable and resilient future for all.